mini homemade Valentine’s Day pop tarts

Celebrate the sweetness of love with these charming homemade mini pop tarts, crafted with care for a delightful Valentine’s Day breakfast. These heart-shaped pastries, filled with luscious strawberry preserves and adorned with a drizzle of powdered sugar glaze, are a perfect way to start the day with a touch of romance. Share these handcrafted treats with your loved ones, and let the joy of homemade goodness fill the air.

These mini pop tarts are not only visually appealing but also a delicious fusion of flaky pie crust, fruity filling, and a sweet glaze that adds the perfect finishing touch. The simplicity of the recipe allows you to infuse your own creativity, making each bite a personalized expression of love.


For the Pop Tarts:

  • 1 package refrigerated pie crusts (or homemade if preferred)
  • Strawberry preserves (or your choice of filling)
  • 2 tablespoons butter, melted

For the Glaze:

  • 1 cup powdered sugar
  • 2 tablespoons milk
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract (optional)

Optional Decorations:

  • Sprinkles or edible glitter


1. Preheat the Oven:

  • Preheat your oven to 350°F (175°C).

2. Prepare the Pie Crust Hearts:

  • Roll out the pie crust on a lightly floured surface.
  • Using a heart-shaped cookie cutter, cut out an even number of hearts.

3. Add Filling:

  • Place a teaspoon of strawberry preserves (or your chosen filling) in the center of half of the hearts.

4. Top and Seal:

  • Place another heart-shaped pie crust on top of the filled ones.
  • Use a fork to seal the edges of the hearts, creating a pocket for the filling.

5. Brush with Butter:

  • Brush each pop tart with melted butter for a golden finish.

6. Bake:

  • Place the pop tarts on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper.
  • Bake in the preheated oven for approximately 16 minutes or until they are golden brown.

7. Cool:

  • Allow the pop tarts to cool completely on a wire rack.

8. Prepare the Glaze:

  • In a bowl, whisk together powdered sugar, milk, and vanilla extract until smooth.

9. Glaze the Pop Tarts:

  • Once the pop tarts are cooled, drizzle the glaze over the top using a spoon or a piping bag.

10. Decorate:

  • While the glaze is still wet, sprinkle with your choice of decorations, such as sprinkles or edible glitter.

11. Serve and Enjoy:

  • Allow the glaze to set before serving. Arrange the mini pop tarts on a plate, and enjoy your homemade Valentine’s Day breakfast!

Why You’ll Love it:

  1. Heartfelt Aesthetics: The heart-shaped design adds a touch of romance and charm, making them visually appealing and perfect for celebrating love on Valentine’s Day.
  2. Flaky and Flavorful Pastry: The flaky pie crust, whether store-bought or homemade, provides a buttery and delicious base that complements the sweet and fruity filling.
  3. Versatile Filling Options: While strawberry preserves are a classic choice, you have the flexibility to experiment with various fillings, allowing you to customize the pop tarts to your taste or surprise your loved ones with different flavor combinations.
  4. Simple and Quick Preparation: The straightforward recipe ensures a stress-free baking experience. With minimal ingredients and easy-to-follow steps, you can whip up a batch of these mini pop tarts in no time.
  5. Personalized Touch: You can personalize the pop tarts with your favorite fillings, glaze flavors, and decorative touches. This allows you to tailor the recipe to suit your preferences and create a unique breakfast experience.
  6. Homemade Goodness: The joy of creating something homemade adds an extra layer of satisfaction. The process of rolling out the dough, filling the hearts, and baking them to perfection infuses your kitchen with warmth and the comforting aroma of freshly baked treats.
  7. Perfect for Sharing: Whether you’re enjoying them with your significant other, sharing them with family, or surprising friends, these mini pop tarts are a delightful way to spread love and joy on Valentine’s Day.
  8. Sweet Indulgence: The combination of the sweet fruit filling, buttery crust, and sugary glaze offers a delightful indulgence that is just right for a special occasion like Valentine’s Day.

How to store it:

To ensure the freshness and flavor of your homemade mini pop tarts, proper storage is essential. Here’s how you can store them:

  1. Room Temperature:
    • If you plan to consume the pop tarts within 1-2 days, you can store them at room temperature in an airtight container. Place them on a plate or in layers with parchment paper to prevent sticking.
  2. Refrigeration:
    • For longer storage, especially if your pop tarts have a cream cheese or other perishable filling, consider refrigerating them. Place the pop tarts in an airtight container or wrap them individually with plastic wrap.
  3. Freezing:
    • Pop tarts can be frozen for an extended shelf life. Once cooled, place them in a single layer on a baking sheet and freeze until solid. Then, transfer them to a freezer-safe bag or airtight container with layers of parchment paper between each pop tart to prevent sticking. Label with the date for reference.
    • To thaw, let them sit at room temperature for a few hours or reheat them in a toaster oven or conventional oven.
  4. Avoid Moisture:
    • To prevent sogginess, make sure the pop tarts are completely cooled before storing them. Moisture can affect the texture of the pastry.
  5. Separate Layers:

    • If you’re stacking pop tarts, place a piece of parchment paper or wax paper between the layers to avoid sticking.

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