Jalapeño Honey Butter Bath Corn

It’s roasted, it’s grilled, it’s spicy, it’s smoky….. and I can only speak (and, apparently, write) with a singer’s voice. All day long I’m like “Alex bales bo bales fe fi fo flex, Alllleeexxxx” and then I’m like “Corn corn bo born fe fi fo for Cooorrnnnnn”.

Yeah, that’s my life. And since I’m too busy inventing funny faces, weird songs, and “coo” sounds to amuse my little guy, I’m definitely getting into the business of creating recipes. But, you know what I’ve realized? I have all these old recipe bills that no one (and I mean no one) ever looks at because let’s face it, they’re fleeting in the photo section, boring in the writing section and so delicious in the cooking section.

These posts are like our house in the 60s when we moved in – with a little facelift – which is much less time-consuming than creating recipes and the inevitable recipe failures that go with them. When I posted Corn on the Cob with Roasted Jalapeno and Lime Honey Butter in July 2012, I knew nothing about food photography or food blogs. I was basically like, “Here’s a great recipe I found on Cooking Light. I made it for July 4th. I made a very small change to the recipe. It was yummy. These pictures suck. I’m done.”


Bring water to boil, add 1 stick of butter,
2 tablespoons of honey,
1 cup milk (or 1/2 cup half and a half) blend together and carefully add corn…


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