Giant Yorkshire filled with just mash and gravy

This giant Yorkshire pudding is filled with roast chicken, fresh steamed vegetables and mashed potato.

I find something very satisfying about giant Yorkshire puddings filled with food – it must be my Inner Pig shouting to get out 🙂

This time I’ve cheated and used Aunt Bessie’s Giant Yorkshire Puddings, which I bought, frozen, from the local supermarket. It was a packet of two, so takes up a disproportionate amount of freezer space. I make fabulous Yorkshire puddings myself, but I’ve moved house many times in recent years and have donated a lot of things to charity shops, so I’ve currently not got “the right dish” to make my own giant Yorkshire puddings that are “the best size” for my greedy eyes! It’s on the list to get the right sized dish soon though.

I’ve used a lot of the usual Food Cheats’ quick ways to cook all of this and it’s been put together using the slow cooker, microwave and mini oven – but it does use fresh vegetables!

Giant Yorkshire Pudding Filled with Chicken & Vegetables

Giant Yorkshire pudding – you can buy these at most large supermarkets, this was an Aunt Bessie’s Yorkshire pudding this time.
Roast Chicken – this was a frozen chicken breast, cooked in the slow cooker. Once cooked I use a portion immediately, then I’ll portion up the leftovers and put some in the fridge to reheat in the coming 1-2 days and the rest will go into the freezer.
Mashed Potato – this was made by steaming potatoes in a microwave steamer, taking just 10 minutes to cook. Once cooked I then mashed them with a knob of butter.
Mashed Swede & Carrot – to make the swede & carrot mash I steamed the carrot and swede for 5-10 minutes in the microwave steamer, then mashed them together with a knob of butter.
Sage & Onion Stuffing Mix – this was a simple supermarket box of stuffing mix from a small box – made with boiling water and a knob of butter, then microwaved to cook.
Peas – these were frozen, I defrosted them in a mug of boiling water, then drained and microwaved the peas for 30 seconds or so.
Gravy – this is simply Bisto chicken gravy granules mixed with a big splash of boiling water.

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