Cheesy Chicken and Rice Casserole recipe

 Indulge in the comforting flavors of this Cheesy Chicken and Rice Casserole, a one-dish wonder that combines the goodness of chicken, rice, and creamy cheese. With simple ingredients and an easy baking process, this casserole is a delicious solution for a hearty family meal.


  • 1 big can cream of chicken soup
  • 32 oz chicken broth
  • 2 bags chicken rice sides
  • Boneless chicken pieces
  • Garlic powder
  • Parsley
  • Mexican blend shredded cheese


  1. Preheat Oven:
    • Preheat your oven to 405°F (207°C).
  2. Prepare Casserole Base:
    • In a greased 9×13-inch baking pan, combine the cream of chicken soup, chicken broth, and chicken rice sides. Mix them well to create the base of the casserole.
  3. Arrange Boneless Chicken:
    • Place the boneless chicken pieces on top of the rice mixture in the baking pan.
  4. Season with Garlic Powder and Parsley:
    • Sprinkle garlic powder and parsley over the chicken for added flavor. Adjust the quantities based on your taste preferences.
  5. Top with Shredded Cheese:
    • Generously sprinkle the Mexican blend shredded cheese over the entire casserole, ensuring an even distribution.
  6. Bake First Round:
    • Bake the casserole in the preheated oven for approximately 45 minutes or until the chicken is cooked through and the rice is tender.
  7. Add More Cheese:
    • After the initial 45 minutes, take the casserole out of the oven and add an additional layer of shredded cheese on top.
  8. Bake Second Round:
    • Return the casserole to the oven and bake for an additional 10 minutes or until the cheese is melted, bubbly, and golden.
  9. Serve Warm:
    • Once baked to perfection, remove the Cheesy Chicken and Rice Casserole from the oven. Allow it to cool for a few minutes before serving.

Why You’ll Love It:

  1. Simplicity at Its Best: This recipe uses basic ingredients for a quick and easy preparation, perfect for busy weeknights.
  2. Creamy and Comforting: The combination of cream of chicken soup, chicken broth, and melted cheese creates a luscious and comforting texture.
  3. Versatile and Customizable: Customize the casserole by adding vegetables or incorporating different cheese blends to suit your taste.
  4. One-Dish Wonder: With everything baking together in one dish, cleanup is a breeze, making it a practical choice for family dinners.
  5. Hearty and Filling: The combination of chicken and rice makes this casserole a hearty and satisfying meal that will leave everyone at the table content.
  6. Cheese Lover’s Delight: Double layers of Mexican blend shredded cheese ensure a gooey and cheesy finish, satisfying the cravings of cheese enthusiasts.

Storing Cheesy Chicken and Rice Casserole:


  1. Short-Term Storage (1-2 Days):
    • If you plan to consume the casserole within 1-2 days, cover the baking pan with plastic wrap or aluminum foil and store it in the refrigerator. Ensure it is well-sealed to prevent drying.
  2. Extended Storage (2-4 Days):
    • For longer storage, transfer any remaining casserole to an airtight container. This helps maintain freshness and prevents the absorption of odors from the refrigerator.


  1. Portioning for Freezing:
    • To freeze individual portions, cut the casserole into serving sizes. Alternatively, freeze the entire casserole if you plan to reheat it as a whole later.
  2. Wrap for Freezing:
    • Wrap each portion tightly in plastic wrap or aluminum foil. If freezing the entire casserole, cover the pan with a layer of plastic wrap followed by a layer of aluminum foil.
  3. Use Freezer Bags or Containers:
    • Place the wrapped portions or the wrapped baking pan inside a freezer-safe zip-top bag or container. Label the bag or container with the date for easy identification.
  4. Prevent Freezer Burn:
    • Minimize exposure to air to prevent freezer burn. Ensure a tight seal on both the individual portions and the overall container.

Thawing and Reheating:

  1. Thawing in the Refrigerator:
    • For best results, thaw frozen portions in the refrigerator overnight. This gradual thawing helps maintain the texture of the casserole.
  2. Microwave Reheating:
    • Reheat individual portions in the microwave at a medium or low setting. Pause and stir periodically to ensure even heating.
  3. Oven Reheating:
    • If reheating the entire casserole, place it in a preheated oven until warmed through. Cover with aluminum foil to prevent excessive browning.


  1. Avoid Freezing Dairy-Heavy Casseroles:
    • While this casserole contains creamy components, freezing may alter the texture of dairy. Consider omitting or reducing the cheese topping before freezing, adding it fresh after reheating.
  2. Check for Freshness:
    • Before reheating, check the casserole for freshness. If it has an off odor or shows signs of freezer burn, consider discarding the affected portions.

Maintaining Quality:

  • While frozen and reheated casseroles may not retain the exact texture of freshly baked ones, this Cheesy Chicken and Rice Casserole should still offer a delicious and satisfying meal.

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